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Tips on keeping facilities healthy during the ‘tripledemic’

Tips on keeping facilities healthy during the ‘tripledemic’

Tips on keeping facilities healthy during the ‘tripledemic’

By : Mister Kleen January 10, 2023 Comments off

Weeks after local media outlets reported on how a “tripledemic” of flu, COVID-19, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) was making people sick, data from the CDC indicate we should remain on high alert.  

Although RSV cases appear to be declining in the region, cases of COVID-19 and hospitalizations in all three jurisdictions are on an upward trend, according to the CDC statistics

And according to the latest data from the CDC’s national flu tracker site, flu cases are high in Virginia, the District and Maryland. 

Here are tips on how you can help keep your facility healthy and maintain workplace productivity:

Remind tenants of the importance of personal hygiene

The global COVID-19 pandemic introduced many to the importance of frequent hand washing. Signage can help remind tenants that hand washing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick and prevent the spread of germs to others. 

Install touchless hand towel dispensers, hands-free soap dispensers

Restrooms and kitchens are heavy-traffic areas where germs can spread easily. This is especially true on commonly touched items such as soap dispensers and hand towel dispensers.

Installing touchless hand towel dispensers and hands-free soap dispensers are great ways to reduce exposure to high-touch items in your restrooms and kitchens.

Place hand sanitizing stations in common areas 

Hand sanitizing stations installed throughout your facility can also help prevent the spread of infection and illness. Place them in easily accessible areas such as:

  • Entrances and lobbies
  • Elevator banks
  • Reception desk
  • Work areas
  • Restrooms
  • Fitness facility/locker rooms
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Shared workspaces
  • Break rooms and cafeterias 

Consider an Enhanced Kleen

Mister Kleen can help keep your tenants protected through a multifaceted approach to enhanced cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection. After cleaning all high-touch areas to ensure surfaces do not contain visible dirt, our specialty teams can employ innovative Electrostatic Spraying technology for an Enhanced Kleen deep cleaning. 

In addition to using a special sprayer to electrostatically disinfect hard surfaces, we also treat soft, porous surfaces such as carpets, drapes, and upholstered furniture for complete coverage of interior spaces.  

Our specially trained crews are highly experienced in successfully treating facilities in compliance with federal guidelines. 

As a leading provider in the high-security sector, we can offer specialty crews that include appropriately cleared personnel to meet the needs of any facility, including SCIFs. 

Our teams can be rapidly dispatched to proactively prevent the spread of infection before any known illnesses infiltrate your facility or to perform an Enhanced Kleen in treating facilities with viral outbreaks.

For more information, contact us at 703-719-6900 or email [email protected].

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