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ENHANCED KLEEN: Cleaning for Health and Appearance

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Window Cleaning is a Specialty Service That Must Be Done Correctly

Enhanced Kleen

Window Cleaning is a Specialty Service That Must Be Done Correctly

By : May 31, 2023

Commercial cleaning services such as Mister Kleen offer exterior window cleaning as a specialty service that requires specific training, equipment, and cleaning solutions to ensure streak-free visibility.   Over time, the surface of interior windows can become smudged and cloudy due to dust, handprints, moisture buildup, and more.   Exterior windows of office buildings accumulate dirt, debris, […]

Spring Clean Checklist: Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

By : May 2, 2023

Carpet cleaning services are often part of a spring clean checklist and for good reason. Floors are the largest horizontal surface in a building, and they can be a breeding ground for dust, allergens, and pathogens.  While soft surfaces such as carpets and upholstery cannot be disinfected, they can be sanitized to reduce the spread […]

Fungal Outbreaks: It’s More Than Just a TV Show

By : April 11, 2023

The hit HBO show “The Last of Us” depicts a post-apocalyptic world where a mass fungal infection transforms people into zombies. While the show is meant to entertain, it has also raised awareness about the real threat of fungal infections to humanity. Just two weeks ago, the CDC raised the alarm about rising cases of a […]

Mister Kleen’s Checklist for a Spring Clean

By : April 4, 2023

Mister Kleen is gearing up to offer spring cleaning services for commercial and high security facilities. As part of these specialized services, we integrate Cleaning for Health and Appearance for all facility interiors and exteriors. As facility managers prepare their spring cleaning checklists, look no further than Mister Kleen – your go-to commercial cleaning services […]

What we learned from COVID-19: Cleaning for Health and Appearance

By : March 14, 2023

This month marks the third year since COVID-19 changed the way we live, work – and clean. We wanted to take this opportunity to look back on how commercial cleaning companies such as Mister Kleen became front-line heroes for keeping essential government agencies and other organizations in operation.   As health experts learned more about […]