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Staying on Top of Virus Mitigation

Staying on Top of Virus Mitigation

Staying on Top of Virus Mitigation

By : Mister Kleen September 21, 2022 Comments off

As we enter the fall season, it’s important to continue virus management for the health and safety of employees and visitors. COVID and other illnesses continue to be a concern, and proper cleaning and disinfecting of your buildings offers peace of mind and increased protection.

Your trusted cleaning provider should offer enhanced cleaning services for virus mitigation. These techniques include increased disinfection of high-touch areas, electrostatic spraying, increased signage, and touchless strategies. 

Partnering with reputable cleaning providers ensures that the technicians at your site are knowledgeable about the correct techniques and procedures for addressing high touch-point areas. Mister Kleen has supported essential businesses and agencies in remaining operational by incorporating our Enhanced Kleen program into their ongoing scope of work.

Highly effective cleaning programs are re-evaluated over time. Initial facility assessments should identify high touch-point areas as well as locations for hand sanitizing stations and signage to help spread awareness about curbing infection. Cleaning procedures should be periodically monitored and reassessed to ensure that they are consistently and correctly performed.

The professional cleaning industry continues to play a major role in assuring customers and employees that they are returning to safe and healthy public spaces and offices. This includes facilities where all personnel are required to have clearances. 

With vaccines, booster shots, masking, improved air quality and enhanced cleaning techniques—there are a variety of techniques available to prevent the spread of COVID and other illnesses. Planning for virus mitigation with your trusted cleaning provider can help you stay prepared and ready to handle a variety of scenarios. 

As a federal contract high-security cleaning provider, Mister Kleen complies with local COVID guidelines, as well as focuses on the safety and health of our clients and staff. Mister Kleen is a leading provider of contract cleaning services to Commercial and High Security facilities since 1976. Our primary service area is the DC Metro region. We also provide a variety of interior and exterior specialty services. For more information, contact us at 703-719-6900.

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