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High Security Cleaning Requires Heightened Awareness

High Security Cleaning Requires Heightened Awareness

High Security Cleaning Requires Heightened Awareness

By : Mister Kleen September 22, 2020 Comments off

As a leading provider of contract cleaning services to high security facilities requiring cleared personnel, Mister Kleen empowers employees to help eliminate the risk of a threat. We do so by collaborating with the facility’s security team and providing training such as the Employee Security Awareness Program. Our cleaning crews then become additional eyes and ears in secure facilities to help identify suspicious individuals or activity and reduce security threats.

Training your employees to develop a security mindset can be your best defense against online threats. Below are some common security challenges, along with resources on maintaining a safe and secure online presence.


Create and store strong passwords securely, and change them regularly. This Lifewire article offers some great tips on techniques to generate passwords you can remember. The feature story also offers best practices in maintaining effective passwords.


Never leave your phone, tablet or computer unlocked or unattended at any place. Enable a screen lock that requires you to use your fingerprint,  facial recognition, or password to access your device. Verizon has some great tips on its website securing your mobile device, such avoiding unsecured public Wi-Fi networks and turning off your Bluetooth and wi-Fi when you’re not using your device.


Be very careful about clicking on links and opening attachments in your emails. Even though an email might look legitimate, there is a possibility it might be a scam designed to get your personal information. This is called “phishing” and the Federal Trade Commission provides advice on how to recognize and avoid these scams in their online Consumer Information section.


Say you have just your birthday month and date on social media so that friends can congratulate you on your special day. If they also comment on how old you are ( “Happy 50th Birthday!”), the month, day, and year you were born are now available – leaving you vulnerable to identity theft. You can find more tips on how to increase your social media security and privacy in this Defending Digital article.


As a specialist in servicing high security facilities throughout the Washington DC Metro region, we are recognized in the intelligence community for our expertise and experience in cleaning within secure environments. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or receiving a customized quote, please contact us by sending us an email, calling us at (703) 719-6900 and pressing #6, or filling out our online form.

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