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Hold The Door! Don’t Forget About High Touch-Point Areas

Hold The Door! Don’t Forget About High Touch-Point Areas

Hold The Door! Don’t Forget About High Touch-Point Areas

By : Mister Kleen March 16, 2022 Comments off

When preparing for a return to the office, consider what areas are often overlooked when cleaning for health, not just appearances. High touch-point areas can go unnoticed, but businesses should consider them when working with their cleaning provider to bolster their services.

Partnering with reputable cleaning providers ensures that the technicians at your site are knowledgeable about the correct techniques and procedures for addressing high touch-point areas. Mister Kleen has supported essential businesses and agencies in remaining operational by incorporating our Enhanced Kleen program into their ongoing scope of work.

Managing high touch-point areas starts with defining what those common areas are in each unique building and office environment. All these areas can harbor commonly spread germs and viruses, which can contribute to the spread of illnesses if not properly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected.

Examples of high touch-point areas include entrance door handles, elevator buttons, stairwell railings, water fountain buttons, sinks, refrigerator exterior handles, dishwasher handles, microwave exterior, coffee pot handles, conference room chairs and arms, restroom sink, fitness center equipment, door handles, and light switches.

Once high touch-point areas have been identified, your professional cleaning partner should work with you to establish a plan for how to monitor and address these areas for the maximum standard of care. 

The first step to address these areas includes increasing the number of pass-throughs by certified cleaning technicians. Increased pass-throughs also involves using the right disinfectant with a 1-minute dwell time – which is the amount of time a disinfectant must remain visibly wet on a surface to effectively kill a specific pathogen. 

The next step is to upgrade to touchless strategies like hand sanitizer stands and dispensers, doors pedals, auto light switches, wall separators, and other touchless technology (paper towels, utensils, napkins, hand sanitizer, soap, air dry, water, doors, voice-activated, personal touch devices, etc.).

Highly effective cleaning programs are re-evaluated over time. Initial facility assessments should identify high touch-point areas as well as locations for hand sanitizing stations and signage to help spread awareness about curbing infection. Cleaning procedures should be periodically monitored and re-assessed to ensure that they are consistently and correctly performed.

Mister Kleen is a leading provider of contract cleaning services to Commercial and High Security facilities since 1976. Our primary service area is the DC Metro region. We also provide a variety of interior and exterior specialty services. For more information, contact us at 703-719-6900.

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