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Five Essentials for Clean Parking Areas

Five Essentials for Clean Parking Areas

Five Essentials for Clean Parking Areas

By : Mister Kleen June 7, 2022 Comments off

Clean parking areas indicate that an organization takes pride in its facilities and by extension, its customers, and employees as well.

Additionally, clean parking areas increase the safety of visitors and staff through clearly marked entrances and exits, reduced likelihood of pests, and decreased tripping hazards. This level of care is achieved through a consultation with a trained parking garage technician who can advise services that are specific to each property’s needs.

Professional cleaning services should have cleaning regimens that include, but are not limited to:

1. Remove standing debris (leaves, cigarette butts, trash, etc.) 

Professional cleaning services will ensure that all standing debris including litter, twigs and leaves, grass clippings, soil, and sand is collected. This cleaning process also prevents debris from clogging gutters and drain ways.

2. Power sweeping of all parking areas, along with entrance and exit areas using top of the line equipment operated by skilled and trained personnel

Power Sweeping is the preferred method to extract dirt and debris from parking surfaces. It is also a recommended process to have performed before you power scrub to remove tough stains. Blowers should be used for corners and edges to remove all the dirt and debris such as salt, sand, trash, leaves, and cigarette butts.

3. Power scrubbing and pressure washing to wash away dirt, oil, grease, and grime

Stubborn stains left by vehicles can be removed through power scrubbing and pressure washing to wash away dirt, oil, grease, and grime. Professional cleaning technicians will ensure that pressure washing is applied evenly to entrances, exits, and parking areas to avoid leaving streaks.

4. Cleaning of conduits, pipes, lighting fixtures and columns 

Extra details such as cleaning pipes, conduits, lighting fixtures, and columns will set your business’s parking garage or lot apart. Cleaning these areas contribute to safety and overall awareness and good maintenance practices. 

5. Re-striping parking spaces and curb painting

Parking lot restriping and properly painted curbs are not only good for appeal, but they can also increase safety by helping reduce the number of accidents. Keeping up with pavement markings can also help avoid unwanted citations, especially with stenciling and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) requirements. Typically, re-striping and/or repainting curbs are recommended every 12-18 months, as long as the temperature is above freezing, and it is not raining outside.

Be sure to leave a positive impression on your employees and clients with a clean parking garage or lot. Specialized cleaning technicians will address the details that are often glossed over, such as oil stains and debris accumulation to make sure they don’t become larger issues in the future. This summer, remember parking lots and garages in your cleaning services.

Mister Kleen specializes in providing parking garage cleaning services for a variety of commercial, high security, and government facilities. We are one of the few companies able to perform parking garage cleaning that requires U.S. government clearances and have personnel who meet the necessary clearance requirements. Click here or contact us today to ensure your facility puts its best foot forward with a garage and parking lot cleaning today!

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