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100 Days to a Healthier You!

100 Days to a Healthier You!

100 Days to a Healthier You!

By : Mister Kleen May 14, 2014 Comments off

Congratulations to this years winners of Mister Kleen’s 100 Days to a Healthier You Challenge!

The journey began in early February and resulted in a total weight loss of 102.6 pounds among eight participants! The top four participants lost a whopping 73.4 pounds (double digit weight loss from each).

Below are spotlights on the top two weight loss winners: Connie Stewart and Kim Hunter, along with their exclusive tips on losing weight.

We also feature Dianna Clark, General Manager at Mister Kleen, on her efforts to quit smoking and lose weight at the same time. Many of you may recall Dianna as last years winner of the 2nd Biggest Loser Challenge. She lost 38.2 pounds at the conclusion of that contest and kept the weight loss journey going.

1st Place WinnerConnie Stewart, Chief Operating Officer at Mister Kleen

Connie’s remarkable weight-loss journey began in early 2013. She was the 2nd place winner in the first biggest loser challenge and a finalist in the 2nd round.

Self-discipline with her eating habits and exercise (including Pilates to work the core) produced dramatic weight-loss results.

On top of the weight loss Connie now experiences more natural energy, focus, and mental clarity as a result of her efforts.

Total Weight Loss since the first Biggest Loser challenge: 39.4 pounds lost
Prize Winnings: $776.00

Connie’s exclusive weight loss tips:

“I used Weight Watchers for the past year and a half and I still use now even though the contest is over. Weight Watchers teaches you to select food wisely. With only 1,200 calories, on average, you learn to make the most out of your food choices.

I eat protein for breakfast to get the engine running followed by protein at lunch. My dinners are light.

I also eat a lot of fruits and veggies to keep me full between meals, along with water with lemon to stay hydrated – no sodas or artificial drinks.

The key is to keep your metabolism revved up by eating the right foods and exercising to increase your calorie burn. It is also important to get enough sleep each night, and avoid peaks/valley’s in your insulin-level. This means no sugar or caffeinated drinks since these tend to make you anxious and make your body want to eat a carb.”

 2nd Place WinnerKim Hunter, Sales Consultant at Daycon Products

Kim brought outside flavor to the competition. There were weeks in which participants in the competition were in limbo not knowing how much weight Kim had lost – she liked to keep her weight loss journey a mystery. Kim, of course, surprised everyone during the final weigh-in with her dramatic results:

Total Weight Loss: 22.8 pounds lost
Prize Winnings: $194, plus an additional $100 on a side-bet with another participant

Kim’s exclusive weight-loss tips:

“The number one reason I was able to succeed in losing weight is that I knew I was up against tough competition! I also knew that I would have to make some significant lifestyle changes.

I began to increase my daily exercise regimen and I started counting calories. It’s simple math – calories in versus calories out (no shortcuts).

I started with Weight Watchers in January, which is an abbreviated version of calorie counting based on a point system. The Weight Watchers app was helpful in offering recipes with a point (or calorie) value, and even included point values for foods at popular restaurants. The Weight Watchers program kept me on track with food and beverage intake accompanied by cardio workouts 4-5 times per week.

I also had to put a stop to late night snacking and my consumption of sugary beverages.

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut for weight loss. It takes dedication and hard work. Losing weight truly is a lifestyle change and not a brief journey.

I intend to lose more weight. I know that Connie will hold me accountable and I will do the same for her!”

4-Months Smoke-Free plus Additional Weight Loss – Dianna Clark, General Manager at Mister Kleen

Coming off a remarkable weight loss journey in 2013 Dianna made a choice at the start of the year to quit smoking.

When Dianna began the 100 Days to a Healthier You Challenge she was already a month in without having a cigarette.

Dianna ended up losing more weight on top of what she lost in 2013 despite her quitting smoking.

Dianna’s total weight loss since the 2nd Biggest Loser challenge at Mister Kleen: 45 pounds lost

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