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By : admin June 17, 2013 Comments off

Self-discipline and hard work has paid off for the Mister Kleen participants of the Biggest Loser challenge. A pound here, a pound there, next thing you know Mister Kleen has become lean! Below are some remarkable stats from Mister Kleen’s 20-week journey:

  • Total of 221.4 lbs. lost of 20 weeks
  • 11.07 total lbs. per week lost amongst 12 participants
  • A reduction in average body fat percentage of nearly 9%

As a professional yet personalized contract cleaning service, Mister Kleen continues to raise the base in setting industry standards, especially when it comes to providing a service that promotes a healthier environment for a healthier well-being.

Several participants from the first Biggest Loser challenge who did not achieve their weight loss goal will be taking part in the next round, which began in early June. The second round will last 14 weeks as participants will be mentally and physically challenged to exceed their weight loss goals, and will have the opportunity to compete for prizes.

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