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Your Carpets Have New Year’s Resolutions Too!

Your Carpets Have New Year’s Resolutions Too!

Your Carpets Have New Year’s Resolutions Too!

By : Mister Kleen January 18, 2018 Comments off

Businesses often have more foot traffic during the holidays, especially with all those office parties and events.  When these events are over, there tends to be a glaring eyesore that catches everyone’s attention – the nasty stain or visible soiling on your carpet!

While you may have done your best to prevent food and drink spills, there’s always that one person (or more) who got a little too carried away.  And who knows what was on the soles of the shoes that tromped through everywhere!  Slush, mud, water, and all kinds of winter debris may have been brought in, which can not only damage your carpets but can also be hazardous to your health!

Help Your Carpets Fulfill Their New Year’s Resolution by Getting Them Cleaned!

With 2018 in full swing and you working hard toward achieving your New Year’s resolutions, why not help your carpets achieve theirs with a thorough deep cleaning?

They are a large investment in your building and one of the first things people notice.  Any glaring stains on your carpet need to be addressed so you can maintain a positive first impression when people enter your building.  And, whether visible or not, extracting the dirt and debris from foot traffic is vital for your occupant’s health.

If you are ever unsure about proper methods on how to restoratively clean your carpets, reach out to the experts who can recommend what needs to be done – ahem, Mister Kleen!

When you select a reputable provider that specializes in commercial carpet cleaning, the technicians will be able to recommend proper restorative methods of cleaning to get the results you want.  They can also advise you on measures to help prevent your carpets from future staining.

In addition to scheduling a restorative carpet cleaning, below are a few more tips you can incorporate to help you preserve your carpet during the winter months:

  • Place a welcome mat outside every entrance door, and a small runner or rug inside. These coverings will take care of most debris that could be tracked in.
  • Vacuum your carpets frequently. By creating and following a regular vacuuming schedule, you can reduce the amount of dirt collected in the carpet fibers.
  • Regulate heat and minimize the use of humidifiers to help preserve the longevity of your carpets.

Why Not Get Your Upholstery a New Year’s Resolution Cleaning As Well?

Kill two birds with one stone!  It makes sense to tackle your upholstery cleaning around the same time you are scheduling to have your carpets restoratively cleaned.

In many situations, your upholstery cleaning will incorporate a similar process that is being used for your carpets – e.g., hot water extraction or a steam cleaning method.

A simple count of how many chairs and pieces of furniture you want restoratively cleaned and the style of the furniture will help determine the right process to be used. Mister Kleen has trained specialists who can assist you with this so you can get an accurate quote to ensure your upholstery is cleaned properly.

Who doesn’t want to look and feel great in 2018?  Your carpets and upholstery do!

Schedule an inspection of your carpets and upholstery and get a quote from Mister Kleen today!

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