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By : Mister Kleen June 30, 2015 Comments off

While you may never get the chance to see or interact with the night time cleaners, you do want to be assured that your space is actually being cleaned. Studies show that the vast majority of our time is spent indoors so why not ensure your space is being cleaned using the right products, processes and equipment? After-all, there is a direct link between how clean your space is to how productive you and your team can be while minimizing indoor health concerns.

If you are unsure of who is cleaning your office then below are three (3) questions to have answered by either your facilities management or building ownership:


Who Cleans My Office? Before you do any checking on the quality of work, first make sure you find out the name of the company that is cleaning your space. Once you find out the company’s name then do a little investigative research online to determine their capabilities, how long they have been in business, and certifications and reviews received over the years. It’s important that they are not only a well-established and professional company, but that they are also well-liked by satisfied customers in your area.


Are the Tough or Tricky Spots Being Addressed? One good indicator on having the right company cleaning your office is the type of effort spent on the tough or tricky spots. Dusting elevated areas, ensuring restrooms and kitchen areas are clean, and paying special attention to details such as fingerprints on glass, stainless steel metal and baseboards are critical. Good companies will pay special attention on the details when cleaning your space.


Can You Meet with the Cleaning Company and/or Staff? If you can get to work early one day, stay late, or even contact your cleaning company to do a walkthrough, do it! There’s nothing like putting a face to what many office people deem as the invisible company who cleans at night.

Make sure to pay attention on how the products, processes and equipment are used. If you notice a cleaning cloth that was used in the restroom that is now used in your kitchen then you have a serious problem on hand. Also, find out if the company is using green products to clean your office. Believe it or not there are still companies who use products that are harsh for the indoor environment, which could ultimately impact your overall health and well-being.


While you may not see who is cleaning your office you ought to have a refreshed feeling each morning before you start your day. Ask yourself – would you rather work in an environment that is cleaned with the right products, processes and equipment to provide a healthier environment for you to work in? Or would you prefer to work in dust, dirt and debris on a daily basis?

If you prefer to work in a clean environment but aren’t receiving the service you require then reach out to building ownership or management and ask them the three questions highlighted in this article.


Mister Kleen is a leading provider of contract cleaning services to Commercial and High Security facilities since 1976. Our primary service area is the DC Metro region. We also provide a variety of interior and exterior specialty services.


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