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June is Cancer Immunotherapy Month – Help Support Cancer Research

Each year millions of people’s lives are impacted by cancer. While there are more advanced treatments available today than in years past, it is estimated that “global death rates will increase by nearly 80% by 2030 unless immediate action is taken” – The World Health Organization.

This month is Cancer Immunotherapy Month at The Cancer Research Institute (CRI). During the month of June CRI is raising extra awareness and funds toward research of the science breakthrough of 2013 – Cancer Immunotherapy.

Cancer Immunotherapy treatments mobilize, strengthen, and sustain the immune system’s ability to destroy cancer cells, wherever they are in the body. “…These treatments have the potential to achieve complete, long-lasting remissions and cancer cures, with few or no side effects, and for any cancer patient, regardless of their cancer type” – CancerResearch.org.

With cancer being near and dear to our Mister Kleen story, we wanted to show our extra support for CRI and Cancer Immunotherapy Month. 100% of the proceeds from each purchase of You Can’t Spend Pride: The True Story of a Family Business Defying the Odds on Amazon will go to CRI and their research toward Cancer Immunotherapy.


It is our hope that with more funds raised toward treatments like Cancer Immunotherapy, patients will have access to such treatments to help overcome this devastating disease.

Prevent a Building Security Attack with Your First Line of Defense

Whether it’s a potential theft or a terrorist attack, organizations today must be prepared to identify and report suspicious behavior before an unfortunate incident occurs.

To prevent a possible security breach or threat organizations are paying more attention to programs that train their first line of defense – a building’s employees (whether tenant, occupants, or contractors). After all, employees are an organizations eyes and ears. All it takes is one mishap or oversight by an employee which can lead to serious repercussions.


Security Training Programs – Are they Effective?

An organization that beefs up their line of defense with proper security training will be better equipped to thwart a potential attack. To do this, organizations must put in place a program that provides interactive hands on training that keeps up to date with rising issues, such as insider threats, cybercrime, and counterintelligence awareness. These programs should be effective in enhancing the overall awareness by training employees to better identify threats, vulnerabilities, and proper protocols to report suspicious behavior.


Corporate Security Awareness Training in the 21st Century

The objective of a modern security awareness training program should focus on building a solid first line of defense (employees) with an extra set of eyes and ears. A comprehensive and interactive training program designed to address potential security threats must be in place for your employees.

Some of the training tactics to be covered in your security awareness program should include, but are not limited to:


Proper ID Badge Display: Always ensure ID badges are visible and displayed. Employees must be trained on how to question individuals as to why their ID badges are not visible.

if you see something say somethingReporting Suspicious Objects & Behavior:  Training should include: what suspicious behavior looks like; how to avoid confrontation with these individuals; what to do/how to report suspicious behavior; and how to handle packages, documents and suspicious objects left unattended. Ultimately, employees should follow the golden rule, if you see something, say something!

Non-Disclosure of Sensitive Information: Employees should be trained on what is considered confidential and sensitive. Employees should operate under the assumption that all information is sensitive and treat it as “FOUO” (for official use only). Employees should also be held accountable for the release of classified information. 


Organizations face an increasing number of obstacles each and every day, and need assistance in thwarting a potential security attack. The best first line of defense is training employees to be the organization’s extra set of eyes and ears.


Mister Kleen Maintenance Company, Inc. is one of the few companies in the DC metro region that specializes in contract cleaning for government and commercial facilities of which many are classified as High Security. To assist their partners, Mister Kleen has put together a documented security awareness training program that addresses how to handle and report suspicious behavior. For more information, or to request a free copy of the training program, email [email protected] with your request.