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Mister Kleen’s Strategic Role in Supporting Healthy Facilities

Mister Kleen’s Strategic Role in Supporting Healthy Facilities

By : Mister Kleen June 22, 2021 Comments off

Even as the world transitions into a semblance of normality, a cough, or a sneeze from someone nearby still causes concern for many. After a year of having our movements restricted for fear of spreading a disease with no cure, it’s understandable.

That concern is heightened when people are required to be in close quarters with others. In a recent Wall Street Journal story,  writer Scott McCartney discusses how the pandemic has made sick passengers an issue. In response, the airline industry is pushing health initiatives including disinfection efforts to keep passengers safe.

As the world transitions  into normal operations, big business and government agencies are turning to established cleaning industry partners such as Mister Kleen to provide a healthy and safe environment for clients and employees.  We have supported essential businesses and agencies in remaining operational throughout the pandemic by adapting our Total Facility Disinfection program to address the COVID-19 outbreak.

While the threat of COVID-19 is easing, Mister Kleen remains a strategic partner in keeping businesses open through a multi-pronged approach. This approach builds upon a standard cleaning regimen with enhanced programs that include:

  • a day porter to provide continuity from the night cleaning teams,
  • the use of disinfectants to supplement cleaning solutions, and
  • electrostatic spraying for a cost-effective method to disinfect nonporous surfaces.

Agencies such as the Metro are employing these types of multi-faceted programs to help assure customers feel safe as they try to entice them back to public transit. Their program includes using hospital-grade disinfectant, upgraded air filtration systems, electrostatic foggers, and continuous cleaning and disinfection services, according to a recent Washington Post report.

Our industry continues to play a major role in assuring customers and employees that they are returning to safe and healthy public spaces and offices. This includes facilities where all personnel are required to have clearances.

Mister Kleen has been a leading provider of contract cleaning services to Commercial and High Security facilities in the DC Metro region since 1976. If you would like more information on how Mister Kleen can support your business or agency in maintaining continuous operations even during disease outbreaks, click here to contact our team.

One of our sales specialists can provide you with more information about our multi-pronged cleaning and disinfecting program, as well as our interior and exterior specialty services.

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