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By : Mister Kleen June 24, 2017 Comments off

Does your grout look like the before or after in the photos above?

If the grout in your floors is visibly dirty, then this is one sure-fire way to keep clients, visitors, and staff away. Not only is dirty grout in your tile flooring gross and embarrassing to look at, but it can also be a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria and viruses!

How do you ensure your grout doesn’t look like the before images that can be hazardous to your health? Also, how do you ensure that the cleaning process being used doesn’t cause additional harm to your health?

Choose to go with a restorative grout cleaning process that is safer than traditional methods.

Introducing a new advancement in grout cleaning

Did you know that most grout cleaning methods use harsh chemicals that are toxic for you and the environment? Many of the liquid based grout cleaners on the market contain bleach and acid, which emits noxious fumes. You can experience serious harm to your health after prolonged exposures to these chemicals, especially if the area is not properly ventilated. Moreover, in extreme situations, these cleaners can erode away the grout surface over long-term use.

As a Certified GS-42 Green Cleaning CompanyMister Kleen is continuously adopting new and innovative cleaning processes that reduce the amount of exposure to such toxic chemicals being used. This is especially true with our latest advancement with grout cleaning, which is superior to the traditional chemical based methods that are being used by most cleaning companies.

Here are some of the benefits of using our unique process:

  • The process meets the latest Green Seal Certification under the most recent standards. Traditional methods using harsh chemicals do not satisfy these standards
  • All products are USDA certified 100% bio-based and biodegradable and have earned the USDA BioPreferred designation
  • The products used as part of the extraction process are manufactured in an EPA registered facility
  • And much more!

If the grout on your floors appears to be dirty, then it is time to call the Mister Kleen Grout Busters to restoratively clean and extract harmful bacterial agents. Using our new and innovative tile cleaning approach, we will ensure that no toxic chemicals harmful to your health will be used to bring your grout back to life.

For more information, or to speak to a Mister Kleen Grout Buster Specialist, email Christy Clark, Director of Field Services at [email protected] or call (703) 719-6900 today. 

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