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Presidents Corner

I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by and I’m so glad that this winter is behind us and summer is in full swing! It’s been a busy and exciting first half of the year for the entire Mister Kleen Team, as you will see in the following pages.

I’ve also been quite busy, both personally and professionally. I’ve been busy with my normal responsibilities with the company and the various business groups that I participate in. I’m also pleased to have written and released a book entitled, You Can’t Spend Pride”. The book is about our family business and my primary goals in writing the book was to honor my late father and my mother for all that they have done for our family and to capture the more than 60 years of our history. You can learn more about the book on the following pages.

Many of you often ask about my daughter (Lexi) who had a featured column in the Kleen Sweep for many years. Well, she’s now a freshmen in high school, played JV and Varsity lacrosse this year AND will be driving later this year. Crazy how time flies…!

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Kleen Sweep and I wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable summer.

To read our summer edition of The Kleen Sweep click here.

Ernest Clark, Jr., CBSE

June is Cancer Immunotherapy Month – Help Support Cancer Research

Each year millions of people’s lives are impacted by cancer. While there are more advanced treatments available today than in years past, it is estimated that “global death rates will increase by nearly 80% by 2030 unless immediate action is taken” – The World Health Organization.

This month is Cancer Immunotherapy Month at The Cancer Research Institute (CRI). During the month of June CRI is raising extra awareness and funds toward research of the science breakthrough of 2013 – Cancer Immunotherapy.

Cancer Immunotherapy treatments mobilize, strengthen, and sustain the immune system’s ability to destroy cancer cells, wherever they are in the body. “…These treatments have the potential to achieve complete, long-lasting remissions and cancer cures, with few or no side effects, and for any cancer patient, regardless of their cancer type” – CancerResearch.org.

With cancer being near and dear to our Mister Kleen story, we wanted to show our extra support for CRI and Cancer Immunotherapy Month. 100% of the proceeds from each purchase of You Can’t Spend Pride: The True Story of a Family Business Defying the Odds on Amazon will go to CRI and their research toward Cancer Immunotherapy.


It is our hope that with more funds raised toward treatments like Cancer Immunotherapy, patients will have access to such treatments to help overcome this devastating disease.

Building Excellence Competition

It’s that time of year again for Mister Kleen to hold our Building Excellence Competition.  This competition is based on a special quality control program designed to build pride, inspiration and teamwork.  We create friendly competition among our employees to have the best overall rated building with regard to cleanliness, quality and safety.  Our team takes pride in this, and our clients do too!  The winning team receives an on-site party, a Certificate, and the Supervisor receives a monetary award.


NVRA & Team

NVRA & Team

The winner of our winter 2014 Building Excellence Competition is NVRA located in Northern, VA. This LEED Gold Certified Commercial Class A facility is comprised of approximately 230,000 square feet and is managed by The Peterson Companies.  Congratulations go to Carol Trice, former Area Manager, Supervisor Cindy Glascock and their team for all their hard work and outstanding service and dedication.


BEC - PP - SUMMER 2014

The winner of our summer 2014 Building Excellence Competition is President’s Park II located in Herndon, VA.  This commercial facility is comprised of approximately 201,000 square feet and is managed by Liberty Properties.  Congratulations go to Mister Kleen’s Area Manager Yolanda Rathbone, Supervisor Edwin Lovo and their team for all their hard work and outstanding service and dedication.

You Can’t Spend Pride

“Rags to riches to rags” — that saying has endured for centuries through many cultures because family success, whether fame, fortune, or otherwise, rarely survives through the third generation. In the United States, only 30 percent of family businesses make it through the second generation, while only 12 percent make it through the third.

You Can’t Spend Pride tells the story of one family business, Mister Kleen, that has defied the odds. Not only are three generations of the family working in the company, but Mister Kleen has grown to be a multi-million-dollar operation that ranks among the top 10 percent of businesses in its industry.

Narrated as a first-person account by the co-founder, Mary Ann Clark, and her son and current company president, Ernie Clark Jr., You Can’t Spend Pride tells the improbable story of how the family built their business from cleaning one client’s office in the evenings to maintaining millions of square feet of high-security and commercial space throughout the Washington, D.C. area.

And success certainly didn’t happen overnight. The family fought through financial challenges, health issues, and many bad economic times over the course of decades to get the business on solid ground—now employing more than 400 people.

You Can’t Spend Pride is a must-read for anyone looking to start their own company, having difficulty growing their current company, and most certainly for anyone running a family business. Filled with stories and solid entrepreneurial advice, you’ll find yourself immersed in the inspirational history of Mister Kleen as it rises from a home-based business in 1976 to the trusted leader in high-security and commercial cleaning in the Nation’s Capital.

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Cancer Research Institute:

Learn more at CancerResearch.org.