A leading provider of contract cleaning services to commercial and high security facilities since 1976
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Commercial and high quality cleaning services

For over 35 years, Mister Kleen has provided professional Janitorial Services and has been successfully operated under the corporate philosophy of a professional, yet personalized contract commercial cleaning service company. Currently, we maintain commercial and high security properties throughout DC, MD and VA consisting of more than 7 million square-feet.


Not only do our front-line staff, on-site supervisors, Area Managers and office management function as a team, but we at Mister Kleen like to conduct our relationship with you as a team effort. We will work with you to recognize your needs and together develop solutions for those needs.


As a company led by a Certified Building Service Executive (CBSE), Mister Kleen employs state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide you with the best service possible. State-of-the-art products are safer on your building’s surfaces and provide a safe environment for our employees.

Safety is very important to us. Our entire staff is thoroughly trained in the appropriate usage and mixture of cleaning products and the proper use of all equipment. We have taken a pro-active approach in all of our buildings by developing procedures to protect our staff from potential hazards. In order to further protect ourselves and our customers, our insurance plan is one specifically designed for the members of the Building Service Contractors Industry.

With a special interest in the protection of the environment, we use environmentally-safe, “Green” products and processes and are prepared to work with you to accomplish whatever goals you might have for your property.


Mister Kleen’s front-line staff is professionally trained and takes pride in their contribution to the company and to your building. Each building is staffed with an on-site supervisor and each supervisor reports to an Area Manager. Our Area Managers attend management, cleaning and service seminars on a regular basis. Area Managers use the experience and skills learned at these seminars to train their supervisors to skillfully and safely handle any job. With supervision at every level and continuous training, quality service is given to every contract commercial cleaning customer.

We are thankful for our clients who award us great opportunities and for our technicians who work so hard to serve them.