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High Security Cleaning McLean VA

High Security Cleaning McLean VA

McLean VA Cleaning Services

In 2001, following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Mister Kleen recognized that there would soon be stricter requirements for maintenance workers to have access to high security and government facilities. Mister Kleen saw a need and decided to invest three years of extensive time and effort to obtain the proper credentials needed to execute secure janitorial contracts. In 2005 the efforts paid off as Mister Kleen received its first high security facility contract.

There are only a few cleaning companies today that can compete in the high security facilities sector. Mister Kleen services over four million square feet of commercial office space requiring U.S. government clearances at all levels for various agencies and contractors. By investing heavily in its Human Resources department, employment training and back office support, Mister Kleen continues to grow its reputation for its ability to meet the stringent demands of high security facilities in the Washington, D.C. metro region.

We live in an increasingly threatening world that calls for government and building owners of high risk facilities to exercise every possible precaution. Our clients know they can count on Mister Kleen to provide the highest possible level of service for their secure facilities.

At each secure facility, Mister Kleen provides:

Safety and Security: Not only do employees of Mister Kleen possess the “appropriate” security clearances at all possible levels, they also complete extensive industry specific training conducted by both our Security and Human Resources Departments. Training programs such as the Employee Security Awareness Program (ESAP) empowers employees to work with facility security to help eliminate the risk of a security threat.

Thorough Knowledge and Insight: Mister Kleen employees complete a comprehensive training program that covers several aspects, which include but are not limited to:

    • Customer Service and Standards
    • Building Safety, Security & Health
  • Equipment Care and Maintenance
    • Cleaning Products and Uses
    • Specific Site Training & Requirements
  • Green Cleaning

A High Degree of Integrity, Trustworthiness and Dependability: As an established and highly recognized cleaning contractor in the high security market, Mister Kleen is committed to providing outstanding service with a high degree of professionalism.

Case Studies:

Professional Training-High Security

Mister Kleen understands the stakes involved with high security cleaning projects. We understand the challenging logistics that exist within the high security environment. Our high security cleaning teams are professionally trained & experienced. They possess the necessary clearance credentials to complete any high security project.

High Security Cost Savings

Partners benefit in many ways with Mister Kleen’s high security cleaning service. Not only do partners experience greater personnel efficiency to achieve government mission critical priorities, they can also save a significant amount of money with the use of skilled cleaning technicians who possess the appropriate security clearances.

Mister Kleen’s High Security Cases

Mister Kleen updates case studies on an individual basis due to the secure nature of government information that can be released. Contact us today to discover more on our high security facility solutions, or to request more case study information.

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