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Raised Floor Cleaning and Data Center Room Cleaning

Raised Floor Cleaning and Data Center Room Cleaning

Raised Floor Cleaning for Data Center Rooms

The heart and soul of many businesses today are within their data center rooms. While the dependence on electronic data is critical to the function of many businesses, so is the protection of their expensive hardware and equipment to prevent system and server downtime.

Aside from human error, environmental factors are a leading factor that can result in storage and hardware failures. Such environmental factors can include: room temperature, carbon and concrete dust, rust, and humidity.

Why is it important to properly clean data center and computer server rooms?

While the vast majority of data center rooms have a raised floor surface to protect sensitive wiring, many of these rooms continue to collect a lot of dirt and debris. Such dirt and debris, if not cleaned routinely, can negatively impact system efficiencies and result in system downtimes that can cost companies thousands, if not millions of dollars!

Also, the more dirt and debris circulating results in more energy costs as cooling systems must work harder to be more efficient and effective.

Why a trained Raised Floor Cleaning technician is needed…

To efficiently clean and remove dust and debris in a raised floor cleaning area requires extensive work. There are many factors to take into account, such as:

    • Proper care with the removal and reinstallation of your panels
    • Subfloor conditions
    • Structural and environmental conditions of your panel surfaces

At Mister Kleen our trained technicians know how to effectively clean raised floors by taking the aforementioned conditions into account. We focus on eliminating harmful dust particles that negatively impact the efficiencies of your data and computer server rooms by inspecting and cleaning the:

    • Floor surface
    • Track cleaning beneath the tile
    • Subfloor dust and debris removal
    • High dusting and cleaning – depending on need using telescopic tools and air lifts

As a result of a regularly scheduled raised floor cleaning regimen your facility will be better equipped to:

        • Prevent server downtime costing massive amounts of dollars
        • Extend the life of your floor panels
        • Lower your energy expenses with more efficient and effective running use of your cooling systems