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Kleen Team in the Community: Samantha Fraser

Kleen Team in the Community: Samantha Fraser

Kleen Team in the Community: Samantha Fraser

By : Mister Kleen April 20, 2023 Comments off

We are proud of our Kleen Team’s efforts to give back to the community, and we will be spotlighting a member’s volunteer work every month!

In April, we are featuring Business Development Manager Samantha Fraser, who is all about relationship building.

“I love connecting with people, I like the small talk, meeting somebody finding out about kids, dogs family – what they like to do in the weekends,” Samantha says. The Fairfax resident joined Mister Kleen in July 2022 after working in business development with a government contractor.

Aside from being able to connect with people as part of her job, Samantha was drawn to the family aspect of Mister Kleen. “I like that it’s a family business. That was a draw for me. I feel that family businesses value their employees. And so that was a huge plus for me.”

Family is at the heart of who Samantha is. When her father fell ill in 2018, she took a year off to serve as his primary caretaker. They were both active in their church’s community programs, including a county hypothermia prevention for the homeless. When the church opens their doors for their designated week, she volunteers as a dinner captain, organizing everything from the menu to the setup to the cleanup.

“This is a group of people that I think are often physically overlooked. We sometimes feel awkward around them and so we tend to look past them and not connect – and for me, the whole human experience is connecting with other people.”

While she’s obviously a people person, some on the Kleen Team also know of Samantha’s passion for animals. Both she and her husband, Eric Mallette, are animal lovers and they have been fostering puppies, two at a time, with Wolf Trap Animal Rescue.

“Because we’re not likely to keep two puppies, right? We might keep one puppy but we’re not keeping two puppies and you can’t choose between two puppies! So we made the very conscientious decision to only foster in groups of two and since then, I guess we’ve fostered 12 to 14 dogs.”

While she and her husband aren’t fostering any puppies right now, they can provide insights into fostering or adopting dogs for anyone who’s thinking about adding a furry friend to their family. You can email Samantha or go to to wtarescue.com learn more about fostering animals!

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