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Employee Training Update

Employee Training Update

Employee Training Update

By : Mister Kleen December 2, 2013 Comments off

Training our employees to better serve our clients is a commitment of Mister Kleen.  Recognizing that this sets us apart from our competition, we have been busy educating our team members over the last several months with the latest and greatest technologies and techniques available in our industry.  Below are highlights of some of the recent training events.

How to Effectively Handle Complaints & Manage Conflict
This training led by Irma Martinez, Jr. HR Generalist at Mister Kleen’s Headquarters in Alexandria, VA covered effectively handling complaints and managing conflict.  The training provided managers with techniques to handle complaints effectively. The training also covered conflict handling strategies and outcomes.

Pal’s Education and Training

At Mister Kleen, education and training is designed to not just fulfill job requirements, it’s also a vital tool to help our company achieve quality service and continued growth.

Dianna Clark (General Manager) and Christy Clark (Director of Field Services) completed a two day course on Achieving World Class Results from Pal’s Business Excellence Institute in Kingsport, TN.  The course focused on top management practices in human resources, process management, customer focus, and leadership to create a high performance culture.

Pal’s Business Excellence Institute is an award winning company that strives to provide exceptional training courses designed to enhance process excellence, workforce capability, and leadership development. The company received The Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award in 2001, which is the highest honor the U.S. Department of Commerce awards to recognize companies that provide quality business approaches and superior results.

Back To Basics Supervisor Training was held at the Mister Kleen office partnering with Daycon specialists.  This training consisted of reviewing the proper mixture of cleaning chemicals; how to keep your entrance mats in top condition; best practices for mopping, scrubbing, buffing, restoring, etc.  Daycon performed demonstrations on effective procedures while our staff intently took notes and discussed what works for their buildings.

OSHA HAZCOM/Blood & Pathogen Training  This mandatory annual safety training was held at our various sites for all front line employees. The team received a basic overview of OSHA, including why it was created, what it covers, employer/employee responsibilities and how OSHA enforces standards.  Learning how to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries is a must and Mister Kleen prides ourselves with a safety first mentality for all our employees and our clients.

Daycon floor, stone, ceramic and marble care training
.  This informative session educated staff on properly identifying stone surfaces and finishes as well as their specific maintenance requirements.

Global Harmonization System of Classification of Chemicals (GHS) training.
This international initiative is designed to simplify chemical hazard identification.  The system utilizes a set of standardized pictograms, making hazard identification easier to communicate and understand regardless of language barriers.  These new standards were in effect as of December 1, 2013 and all Mister Kleen employees have been trained on the new standards.

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