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Congratulations to Andi Farris for winning our 2017 Kleen Jeopardy contest!

Thank you all for playing. Be on the lookout for Property Manager Appreciation to begin in the next couple of months.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

2017 Kleen Jeopardy Answers

Movie Monday

This movie was the first to be given the title “Blockbuster.”

Answer: What is Jaws?

Tricky Tuesday

This company produces the most tires in the world.

Answer: What is Lego Corporation?

Wacky Wednesday

It is illegal to eat this food with a fork in the state of Georgia.

Answer: What is fried chicken?

Throwback Thursday

America Online (now known as AOL Inc., a subsidiary of Verizon) was founded in this year.

Answer: What is 1985?

Food Fact Friday

This was the original flavor of the filling in Twinkies.

Answer: What is banana cream?