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Specialty & Restoration Case Study 1

Mister Kleen Tackles Nearly 5 Feet of Standing Water

restortation case study 1

Mister Kleen received an after-hours emergency call from a client one early morning to respond to a disastrous flood at their large commercial property. The entire commercial property, located off Eisenhower Avenue, was completely flooded at ground level with up to 4 ½ feet of standing water.

Within an hour of the initial call, Mister Kleen arrived at the client’s site with 50 team members, ready to respond to the over 200,000 square feet of commercial water damage needing repair and restoration.

There were several challenges including, standing water in the elevator shafts, significant floor damage in the auditorium, and the freezing January temperatures that prevented disposal of water outdoors.

After much diligence, Mister Kleen was able to successfully repair and restore the building’s infrastructure. Thousands of gallons of water were extracted, and the entire water cleanup process took 14 hours to complete. This was only the start of the project as all of the equipment and building structure had to completely dry out and the damaged dry wall had to be replaced. The project took five long days to complete but Mister Kleen was ready at a minutes notice and stayed on the scene until the work was finished.

Not only was Mister Kleen the first company to arrive and respond to the emergency call, Mister Kleen also received high praise and gratitude from the client by exceeding their expectations and helping them through this crisis.

“Mister Kleen can be counted on to respond to any emergency situation, even on properties where they do not provide janitorial services. They are experienced and licensed to respond to fire/flood restoration, high security facilities, and have a special cleaning division with a multitude of services.”

Debbie Santano
Senior Portfolio Manager
Cushman & Wakefield of Washington, DC, Inc.