A leading provider of contract cleaning services to commercial and high security facilities since 1976

Mister Kleen strives to achieve the highest level of quality service and results every day for our clients by using our unique and customized Quality Assurance program. With our Quality Assurance program, we’re able to surpass client expectations by utilizing several resources including:

  • Third party auditing with the use of industry specific software on smartphones and tablets
  • Extensive training in customer relations and client satisfaction
  • Mister Kleen’s Building Excellence Competition (BEC)
  • A unique five-tiered Quality Assurance step system that evaluates and ensures we’re exceeding client expectations

Mister Kleen understands the importance of quality in a service driven industry and as a result we have devoted multiple management layers to ensure our client satisfaction.

Three times a year, Mister Kleen holds a Building Excellence Competition (BEC), which is a quality assurance competition among locations using a numeric grading system.  Inspections are uploaded to a computer with industry specific software to assess cleanliness, safety, OSHA compliance, and administrative functions. The facility with the highest score will receive rewards for performing at such a high level.

The BEC originated with Mister Kleen and is designed to motivate, challenge, and recognize our top employees for the exceptional work performed. Our employees are motivated by their evaluation scores and healthy competition.  Not only do our employees take pride in receiving these awards, but our clients do too!

In addition to our BEC competition, Mister Kleen employees must go through extensive training on and off-site to serve as additional “eyes and ears” by advising clients of concerns we may observe in our daily routine. Trainings such as OSHA and safety regulations, How to Effectively Handle Complaints and Manage Conflict, and How to Manage Client Relationships, are designed to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction at all times.

Our five-tiered Quality Assurance step system is in place for each client to ensure client satisfaction. This multi-step program encompasses several aspects, including:

  • Tasking area managers with completing quality control inspections on a frequent basis
  • Tasking general management to work closely with clients and team members to ensure quality, safety and training as top priorities
  • Scheduling quarterly partner meetings to evaluate and address any areas of concern with each client

Mister Kleen realizes there are many competitive cleaning and restoration companies in the marketplace.  Most of these companies promise good service—promises are easily made, but not always kept. In serving our customers throughout the DC metro region for 40 plus years, we have proven our quality and service to be among the best. Your satisfaction through high-quality service is our primary goal. Since we ask for your trust and confidence in satisfying your needs, we give you the following Guarantee:


Mister Kleen’s

Written Service Guarantee

We agree to provide good service to the customer. Should the customer become dissatisfied with the quality of service, the customer will give us written notice of their concerns. Within the agreed-upon time frame (based on specific needs), we shall correct the problem to your satisfaction. If the problem has not been corrected, the customer may cancel the Service Agreement by giving a 30-day written notice.

This guarantee is made in writing to emphasize how strongly we feel about quality service.


Ernest Clark, Jr., CBSE