A leading provider of contract cleaning services to commercial and high security facilities since 1976

MISTER KLEEN TAKES A PROACTIVE APPROACH to ensure our partners receive the level of service required to maintain a well-run facility using our unique and customizable Quality Assurance (QA) program to make certain that quality, safety and training are our “Top Priority.”

To meet the quality standards outlined in our contracts, we have developed a Five-Tier Quality Control (QC) Program, customized to your facility to make certain that both your and our high standards are being met.  This program includes:

  • Documented procedures for handling complaints, feedback, education, training, and safety.
  • Processes to insure quick, responsive action to concerns, deficiencies and emergencies.
  • Technology-aided processes utilizing our enterprise software platforms – WinTEAM and eHub – to insure quick response times and accurate recordkeeping.
  • Frequent, regular communication between Mister Kleen management, staff and your team.
  • Involvement of multiple layers of Mister Kleen management which include our front line supervisors, Project Managers, Area Managers, Quality Control Managers, our Director of Field Services, and our Vice President of Operations.
  • Many of our management team have the Certified Building Service Executive (CBSE) and Registered Building Service Manager (RBSM) designations as certified by the BSCAI. These qualify them as experts in contract cleaning management and are a prestigious symbol of excellence in our industry.
  • Regular opportunities for your team to give us formal feedback on how we are performing.

We take our commitment to safety and quality to the next level and put our money where our mouth is. Our buildings compete three times per year with each other in the Building Excellence Competition (BEC) for a chance to win recognition and prizes based on meeting strict quality, safety and compliance standards.  The Safety Lottery is a quarterly competition to reward zero safety incidences in the field and promote a more safety-conscious workforce.

Five-Tiered Approach for Quality Success

To ensure Mister Kleen’s operations are effective and efficient, we will implement a unique Five-Tiered approach to quality assurance. This program is used to achieve high customer satisfaction throughout the life of the contract.

First Tier:  Our personnel at your facility. They are Mister Kleen’s daily eyes and ears. We train them to identify and report any potential deficiencies in quality and safety to site management.  At the beginning of every shift, our team does a quick huddle to discuss any events, deficiencies or issues that need to be communicated.

Second Tier:  Our area and project managers. They work closely with site supervisors on a regular basis to ensure quality, safety and training are top priorities. They complete quality control inspections on a daily basis as well as submit deficiency reports as items are noted by our staff or reported by your team.  Depending on the site, we also employ Quality Control Managers for these duties.  All reports will be maintained and accessible on-site.  The managers will meet with your team regularly to discuss any challenges, items and upcoming projects.

Third Tier:  Our Director of Field Services (DFS), Christy Clark.  She oversees the QA and Training programs for Mister Kleen. She acts as an independent party that will conduct QC Inspections to ensure compliance with the scope of work.  She also aids in training our personnel in safety and quality.  While on-site the DFS will meet with your team to ensure you are satisfied with our service.

Fourth Tier:  Monthly Job Status Reports (JSR).  The manager assigned to your account will schedule monthly meetings to discuss our performance.  The JSR will document any upcoming projects to be performed, services completed the prior month, any issues or concerns you might be experiencing and a formal performance rating of our service.   Once completed, the report will be disseminated to you and our executive team for review.

Fifth Tier:  Quarterly Partnering Meetings. These meetings consist of our key personnel and your team. The meeting has a formal agenda and minutes are taken, to include the review of current and past agendas and minutes, the QA reports (Excel) from the past 90 days and a formal rating similar to what we use on the JSR to capture how well you feel we are performing for you.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and take you out of the janitorial business!