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High Security Case Study 2

Millions of Dollars Saved with High Security Cleaning

high security case study 2

High security government facilities that partner with Mister Kleen not only experience greater on-site staff efficiency, but can also benefit from substantial cost reductions associated with personnel expenses.

It’s well documented that Mister Kleen’s high security service can provide partners with:

  • Skilled cleaning technicians with the appropriate clearance level(s), thus removing several burdens of administering cleared government personnel to supervise un-cleared workers.
  • A reduction in labor costs as government escort personnel are no longer required to supervise cleaning technicians.
  • Personnel efficiency as cleared government staff can focus solely on daily workflow operations that are essential in meeting government mission critical priorities.

In several instances, Mister Kleen found high security facilities utilizing cleared government escorts to monitor the activities of cleaning technicians who did not possess the appropriate levels of clearance. These facility managers were tasked with recruiting, hiring, training and staffing escorts to supervise un-cleared cleaning workers. On top of this, the amount of labor expenses to shadow un-cleared cleaning workers became exorbitant.

Another area of troubling concern in some facilities was that escorting the un-cleared cleaning staff became a shared responsibility among office workers. On-site personnel would have certain shifts to cover, while their counterparts would return to their day-to-day work. Ultimately, this led to lower personnel productivity for daily work requirements.

By partnering with Mister Kleen, several high security facilities saw immediate benefits. By paying a bit extra for skilled cleaning technicians with an appropriate security clearance, these facilities no longer needed to hire escort personnel to supervise un-cleared workers. This improved work production and reduced labor expenses. By using this approach, one partner was able to save the government more than $500,000 in just six months.