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High Security Case Study 1

Professional Training Should Not Be Overlooked For High Security Cleaning Projects

high security case study 1

Mister Kleen maintains many high security cleaning contracts in the Washington, D.C. metro region. As we began working with these clients, it was immediately evident that the previous janitorial contractors did not have adequate policies, procedures and processes in place. These facilities were not being cleaned properly, which led to a subpar appearance overall and exposed tenants to potential environmental health hazards.

In 2011, Mister Kleen was referred by a partner to address several quality janitorial concerns for a government facility. Mister Kleen performed a walk-thru and listened to the areas of concern that needed to be addressed by the property manager.

Upon the walk-thru inspection, Mister Kleen noticed that the general daily cleaning duties were intact; however, the attention to detail did not meet high quality standards. Air vents, for instance, were covered with dust, as well as baseboards, which also had numerous scuff marks. Another area of concern was the low level of supplies stored in inventory. The property manager reported that supplies often ran out, and tenants were quick to complain as a result.

After sitting down to discuss the inspection findings in more depth with the property manager, it was discovered that the current contractor lacked appropriate processes to bring the right cleaning talent on board, and management to oversee proper training. The traditional approach of utilizing staff that possessed a clearance, but did not have the knowledge, skills and abilities of janitorial contract cleaning wasn’t working.

At Mister Kleen, we do things different by providing skillfully trained cleaning technicians with the appropriate security clearance necessary for each project to produce better quality results.

Today, this client is now on their second contract renewal with Mister Kleen, and continues to receive above and beyond quality contract cleaning service. Their facility now has an optimal appearance, and a healthier environment that supports a greater well-being for the building and its tenants.

“…The Peterson Companies has maintained a great partnership with Mister Kleen. They are responsible for cleaning over one million square feet in three buildings for us. Our requirements for highly specialized cleaning and rigorous staff screening have been fully met by Mister Kleen. Because of their stellar performance, Mister Kleen’s footprint on the Peterson portfolio continues to grow.”

Kevin Donohoe
Director of Commercial Management
The Peterson Companies