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Green Kleening Case Study

LEED Certification Guidance in a Tight Window

green kleening case study

Partners that choose to pursue LEED certification are tasked with completing several steps in the application process to become certified. Mister Kleen has the experience to help guide clients during the lengthy and intricate LEED compliance process on the commercial and high security cleaning arenas.

One recent example to highlight was when Mister Kleen received a phone call from a large client on a Friday afternoon to help guide them through their LEED certification process. The client was working with a tight schedule and needed to complete their Green Seal Certified (GS-42) compliant documentation and submit this paperwork no later than Tuesday of the following week.

The GS-42 documentation for the client was a critical component to obtain the proper points toward LEED certification as specified by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Mister Kleen was tasked with piecing together the lengthy documentation, which needed to detail the processes, products and equipment used at the client’s site.

Dianna Clark, General Manager at Mister Kleen, immediately phoned a vendor who was able to reschedule their current work to help complete the documentation within the client’s timeframe.

Ultimately, because of Mister Kleen’s strong industry partnerships with vendors, and Mister Kleen’s use of all GS-42 certified products, Mister Kleen was well versed and equipped to document the process taken at this client’s site. As a result, Mister Kleen was able to meet the stringent deadline for this client and fulfill the critical component towards their LEED certification.

To this day, the client uses Mister Kleen’s documented program for all packages and certifications processes.