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Green Kleening

Green Kleening is a standard, not an option

At Mister Kleen, our commitment is to protect the environment and provide healthy facilities by way of our customizable green cleaning program, known as “Green Kleen.”

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), our skilled and highly trained cleaning technicians know how to properly use three important elements: Products, Tools and Procedures. We also use Green Seal certified products and equipment.

In addition to our Green Kleening process, Mister Kleen is actively pursuing the Green Seal GS-42 certification, and provides guidance to our partners seeking the highest Levels of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification as well.

Many companies claim to be “green” or environmentally conscious, but Mister Kleen is willing to prove it with our unique Green Kleening process. Not only do we use the environmentally preferred paper products, cleaning agents and equipment, we also complete training on the proper use of these products. The processes we utilize protect and improve the health and environment in which we all work and live. Below are some examples:

  • We use the Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) program and the GS-42 standards as a guideline. We also review proper procedures and products.
  • We consolidate and reduce the number of cleaning solutions used while maintaining the efficiency and integrity of the cleaning process.
  • We improve bacteria removal by 300% with the use of sustainable tools such as microfiber cleaning cloths and mops. Using microfiber cloths and mops eliminate the waste of paper towels and disposable type cloths and mops. Microfibers are laundered and are good for one (1) year of use. Using the color-coded system eliminates cross contamination.
  • Mister Kleen reduces the amount of dust with dust control burnishing equipment (ride on and standard). As floors are polished using standard equipment particulates become air borne. By utilizing this dust control equipment we are able to capture the particulates.
  • Where applicable, we will vacuum the hard surface floors instead of sweeping them. When you sweep a floor it stirs up particulates into the air which we reduce by vacuuming.  Vacuuming provides better results especially when grout lines are present.
  • We provide dilution control solution centers to ensure proper mixing chemicals and provide cost control.
  • We have a documented equipment maintenance program using manufacturer recommendations that will eliminate safety hazards.
  • Mister Kleen uses a back pack style vacuum cleaners. We will use back pack style vacuums with four stage HEPA filtration for hard to reach areas and detail vacuuming.
  • Mister Kleen’s dual trash collection system with color coded bins and liners, ensures a distinct separation during the collection of waste and recycling.


Contact us today to discover how our Green Kleening service can help you create a clean, attractive and healthy work environment.

Case Studies

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