A leading provider of contract cleaning services to commercial and high security facilities since 1976

Why Mister Kleen

We are sincerely excited about every member of our outstanding team and realize that we are only as good as the people who work here. There is not a single employee who has worked here who has not significantly shaped the nature and direction of this company. We truly appreciate every team members’ role in our success.

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The entrepreneurial spirit that was the initial foundation for Mister Kleen Maintenance Company, Inc. has defined the company ever since our founding in 1976.  We have built Mister Kleen into a thriving company by identifying areas in which we are uniquely qualified to provide value to our customers.   We will continue to build our business because that is the commitment that we have made as true entrepreneurs!

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Whether you have just joined our team or have been a part of Mister Kleen for a while, we are confident that you will find our company a dynamic and rewarding place to work.

Our focus is to be recognized as a leading provider of commercial and high security cleaning services for our clients, and we cannot accomplish this task without our most valuable asset – our employees!

What Our Employees are Saying
  • I love my job. Mister Kleen is an excellent company to work for! I wish I’d come on board much sooner than I did. (Area Manager, less than 1 year)
  • I really enjoy the training and all that I’m learning from Mister Kleen, a great company to work for, thanks for allowing me to be on the team. (Site Supervisor, 3 years)
  • I enjoy the opportunity to learn different aspects of my job on a daily basis. (Area Manager, less than 3 years)
  • My duties are always conveyed and I know what’s expected of me. (Custodian, less than 1 year)
  • I receive the right amount of recognition for my work. It is always nice knowing how much I am appreciated. (Custodian, 6 years)
  • I’ve received the proper training since my first day so I am able to complete my duties here. (Vacuum Tech, 2 years)