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Day Cleaning Case Study

Lower Cost & Greater Trust With Day Cleaning

day cleaning case study

While there are numerous benefits to Day Cleaning, one area that is often overlooked is the significant cost savings associated with Day Cleaning versus night cleaning service.

Mister Kleen met with a large government contracting facility that needed a 20% savings on their contract cleaning services. The current contract on the site was set up to run with two cleaning shifts between 6 am to 11 pm, Monday thru Friday. Ultimately, this scheduling did not take into account hidden costs, such as the amount of extra utility usage generated beyond the normal day-to-day site operations.
Mister Kleen put together a cost analysis and realized that they could save this client more than 20% by revising their cleaning schedule while working during normal business hours. By partnering with Mister Kleen, the majority of night cleaning gradually shifted to a day cleaning service. The only night cleaning implemented was with a skeleton crew, which performed restorative processes, along with deep cleaning on floors and carpets to prevent hazards during the day.

Ultimately, Mister Kleen’s Day Cleaning service led to a more than 20% reduction in costs as the majority of extra utility usages generated outside of the day-to-day were diminished.

With Day Cleaning, Mister Kleen is no longer the invisible evening company; we’re there when the dirt happens to reduce complaints, lower costs, and build a stronger partnership with the facilities on-site personnel.

“The most unique aspect of Mister Kleen’s service delivery model is the true quality control. Through both internal and external service reviews, they have exceeded our very high expectations. There is seldom a tenant meeting that doesn’t include praise and accolades for the performance of specific staff on the quality of service in general.”

Kevin Donohoe
Director of Commercial Management
The Peterson Companies