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Commercial Case Study 3

Large Commercial Facility Avoids a “Sticky” Disaster

commercial case study 3

On Columbus Day, 2012, Mister Kleen received an emergency phone call from one of our larger commercial clients. They had hired a contractor to remove the VCT flooring from their 4,000 square foot loading dock area. When the flooring was removed the contractor discovered that the sub flooring was covered with a gooey, sticky substance that made walking on the floor impossible. To make matters worse, they were expecting an important visit from a government agency.

Mister Kleen immediately responded as Dianna Clark, General Manager, and Mister Kleen’s staff arrived in office work clothes ready to tackle the tough assignment. They began working at 7 pm and worked until they had removed the substance at 3 o’clock in the morning. The Mister Kleen crew used black screening pads, stone machines and a chemical substance to restore the flooring. The following two days were spent with a work crew diligently working around the clock on split shifts to remove the rest of the sticky substance.

Ultimately, the visit from the government agency was a success thanks to Mister Kleens’ prompt response and assistance. This, along with countless other stories with commercial clients throughout the Washington, D.C. metro region, is just another example of Mister Kleen’s willingness to tackle any job and get it done regardless of the scope. We think out of the box and help our clients even in “sticky” situations.

“Mister Kleen goes above and beyond the call of duty; i.e. we had a VIP tour at one of our properties on a Monday morning, and I literally “caught” the Vice President at the property the weekend before in the main lobby on her hands and knees performing some special cleaning to make sure our tour was a success”

Debbie Santano
Senior Portfolio Manager
Cushman & Wakefield of Washington, DC, Inc.