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Commercial Case Study 2

Reputation, Referrals, & References Land a Large Commercial Property Portfolio

commercial case study 2

With Mister Kleen’s ability to use state of the art technology and proper cleaning policies, procedures and processes, Mister Kleen was selected as one of the final two in the bidding selection for a large Class A property portfolio managed by Cushman & Wakefield.

During the final selection process, Mister Kleen presented a distinctive approach on how the contract would be managed and implemented to a board room of decision makers. The presentation reviewed Mister Kleen’s strategy to deliver quality service, along with the necessary tactics required to fulfill end outcomes. Items such as how to operate and measure Mister Kleen’s performance, along with Mister Kleen’s reporting processes, were broken down into actionable steps, and ultimately led to a final decision to award the contract to Mister Kleen.

Today, Mister Kleen is on its third term contract with Cushman & Wakefield, and continues to provide high quality service at a fair price.

“I have been managing commercial properties in the Washington DC region since the mid 1990’s, and I had the good fortune of establishing a relationship with Mister Kleen when I took over 2100 Reston Parkway, where they were providing janitorial services at the time. We actually won the TOBY award in 1994 for that property, in which Mister Kleen played a pivotal role. Since that time, I have taken every opportunity to bring them on board as the janitorial provider to the properties within my portfolio whenever possible.”

Debbie Santano
Senior Portfolio Manager
Cushman & Wakefield of Washington, DC, Inc.