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Commercial Case Study 1

Reputation & Quality Service Result in Long-Standing Partnerships

commercial case study 1

As with any partnership, minor setbacks can change the dynamics on how a contract is being serviced and executed. One such example is a large Class A commercial office building that Mister Kleen has now serviced for over a decade. Seventy percent of the commercial facility’s occupancy belonged to an anchoring tenant, and when this tenant relocated, the commercial site was forced to re-evaluate its day-to-day operations.

With seventy percent of the office building vacant, there was work to be done to clean out the space and get it ready for leasing. The tenant also knew that they would need to restructure their agreement with Mister Kleen to accommodate for these changes. Mister Kleen welcomed the opportunity to begin talks on how to best allocate and re-adjust the services provided without sacrificing quality.

Based on several conversations and meetings, the partnership determined that the best interim approach was to utilize Mister Kleen’s day cleaning service for the remaining 30% of the commercial facility’s tenants. This plan was determined as the best course of action for cost and staffing purposes.

Ultimately, Mister Kleen’s partner accepted the new plan, and soon after, Mister Kleen shared the new detailed plan and strategy among the tenants who were excited to see the new method of quality cleaning at their location.

Because of the flexible approach exhibited, Mister Kleen continues to work for this long-standing client today. Mister Kleen is committed to providing the highest level of service that exceeds industry standards, and we pride ourselves in partnering with our clients to help them grow, or in some situations adjust as they need to scale down their operations.

“We have worked with Mister Kleen since 2004 when Commonwealth One Federal Credit Union recommended your company…One of the reasons I have chosen Mister Kleen so many times is the approach they have to the business relationship. Whenever I call, I know the fast response I will receive…Another reason I keep choosing Mister Kleen is the quality of their work and staff. This has been evident in the feedback I have received from my building tenants.

Finally, Mister Kleen offers what most company’s struggle to provide; the personal touch. This has been evident in the feedback I have received from my building tenants.”


E. Sakhri
General Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.